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ABC Global Shipping company aims to lead the world’s cargo logistics and shipping business. We deliver transportation solutions by coordinating cargo movement, ensuring that goods reach their destination safely. 




We strive to build a thriving transportation network that bridges all countries in this interconnected world. Worlds connect because of us. 

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Founder Story

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“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.”

William James
American philosopher



In the darkness of the night, a cargo ship sails from the port of China and heads toward the United States. It has a long and challenging journey to take, but it must reach its destination safely. The captain reminds himself to stay calm. He holds the fate of one million desires, boxed in containers. 


The vessel carries the beautiful Valentine’s day presents that a lover has ordered for his beloved. It contains the beautiful baby clothes that a new mother has just ordered for her baby. And elsewhere, a mechanic eagerly looks forward to his new car parts so he can fix his customer’s cars. Many other people’s precious cargo is held within the containers. The cargo ship must ensure the goods are delivered to them. 


“Crew! It’s time to take your positions.” The captain’s stern voice booms loud and clear, and the ship’s lights blaze across the midnight sky. The young cadet hears his command and quickly takes his place on the deck. It was his first sail, and he did not know what the captain needed him to see. The deck officer training him is tense, pacing back and forth. 


The velvety black of the night sky seemed to be so gentle, with brilliant stars twinkling at them. What could hide in the dark to make his usually jovial captain so worried? Jacky wondered. He gathered his courage to ask. 


“What are we watching out for, Officer?” The deck officer stops his nervous pacing and fixes a stern gaze on him. A shiver passes through the young cadet’s back as he anticipates a warning. 


Indeed, it would be a lesson that he would never forget.


The deck officer said, “Jacky, we are passing through the Straits of Malacca now. You need to remember your job to stand guard for pirates. If they come on board, our lives are all at stake here. But more importantly, we lose our cargo. I want you to remember we don’t deliver goods. We deliver people’s hopes and dreams. if we lose our cargo, we lose a chance for them to create beautiful memories.” 


With this vital reminder, young Jacky felt adrenaline racing through his veins; he was ready and alert to protect the ship. Jacky watched as the other crew members got the ship’s anti-piracy equipment ready. In a mere matter of minutes, as the ship entered the narrow channel of the Straits of Malacca, everyone was standing guard at their positions. 


The captain steered the ship masterfully while all crew members kept watching. Finally, they exited the Straits of Malacca. After a few days, they saw the port of the United States in sight. The journey was over. They had made it safely, delivering everyone’s hopes and dreams to them. 


Young Jacky had learned a critical lesson that day. This lesson will forever stay with him as he went on to build one of the world’s largest shipping and logistics solution businesses: As a container ship delivering people’s most precious cargo, details are everything. 


The Beginning


Jacky Yu had always dreamt of being a sailor as a child looking out to the sea. The magical powers of the ocean made him feel calm. He decided to heed the ocean’s call and achieve his childhood goal of sailing the seas and building a future on the vast waters.  


Little did he know that his childhood dream would propel him further and give rise to the cargo transportation and logistics solution business we know as ABC Global Shipping today. 


Today, this international shipping logistics company with networks in major markets (UK, Italy, Germany, France, Israel, Netherlands, Africa, US, and South America) provides freight forwarding services to a mix of industries through:


  • Container shipping
  • Air shipping,
  • Air forwarding
  • Air charter 

Jacky embarked on a mission to achieve his dreams of being a sailor by enrolling in nautical technology in college. While there in 2003, he achieved excellent results in all subjects. Shortly after graduation, he joined APL Shipping Company, formerly American President Lines Ltd.


In APL, he worked hard on a container ship for two years. He familiarised himself thoroughly with the business by first working as a cadet. Subsequently, the company promoted him to the role of the third officer. Due to his roles, he had first-hand experience learning about ship line planning, terminal operations, surface deployment, container loading, and distribution command.


The critical reminder he learned in his younger days while sailing the seas taught him to be meticulous because he was transporting people’s hopes and dreams. 


The challenges of the shipping company are manifold. For example, workers must be very professional and careful when securing a semi-trailer tank used to hold liquids and compressed gases for industrial uses. There is a very minimal margin for error when they secure the base, or else the tank and its walls will be damaged. Jacky learned these early on and kept these lessons close to his heart as he continued his nautical career. 


The Start of a New Era 


2004-2005 marked the boom of the shipping industry. Demand was high worldwide, and cargo ships were brimming to max capacity to fulfill all orders. The lucrative Chinese export market was in short container shipping supply since its manufacturing industry was in production overdrive. Jacky’s foresight saw a tremendous market opportunity in the logistics industry for an international shipping company to fill this gap. 


In 2005, he took advantage of the boom and cooperated with APL shipping company to provide logistics and international trade services. He partnered with Huatai Paper(Shandong Huatai Paper Company Limited), China’s largest paper product manufacturer. He started exporting cargo to South America, the United States, and Southeast Asia with these business relationships. This bold move kickstarted the rapid growth of international logistics. 


In these new uncharted waters, Jacky realized that many logistics companies in the market have mixed services, which sometimes arise in international disputes. The complexity of this industry-led Jacky to think of a win-win solution that will prioritize good service to foster long-term cooperation between client and business. Jacky’s overall aim is to help his clients’ companies to develop and reach new heights.


 To facilitate that, he established AGS Shipping and ABC Global Shipping. These brother companies are anchored by an excellent operation and customer support team so that customers can transport goods with peace of mind. 


Since 2013, with the vigorous development of cross-border e-commerce business, small parcel and air freight business has continued to grow. 


The Future


Jacky continues to steer the business by emphasizing competitive pricing, professional knowledge, and operations. Above all, outstanding customer support is the crucial trademark of ABC Global Shipping. 


Even in these tumultuous years of 2020-2022, ABC Global Shipping has continued to maintain this steady growth while keeping true to our values. 


ABC Global SHIPPING played a considerable role in the 2020 epidemic outbreak of Covid-19. Global shipping was in chaos as coronavirus halted transportation networks due to the virus’s spread. Medical supplies were tough to ship. 


From May to August 2020, ABC completed six charter flights to ship face masks and mask machines. Three aircraft were sent to South Korea, two to the United States, and one to the Netherlands. ABC was an active contributor to the global fight against coronavirus. 


We continue to provide this defense against the virus from 2020 to 2022 by coming on board as one of the leading logistic companies that work hand-in-hand as the World Health Organization service providers. 


ABC Global Shipping delivered medical supplies and automotive parts such as semi-trailers, satellites, solar panels, PCB boards, batteries, chemical materials, invertors, safety equipment, building materials, medical equipment and masks, medical gloves, ventilators, oxygen generators, oximeters, and so on. We sent this equipment to equip third-world countries in Africa and South America to fight against the virus. 


It is beautiful to imagine that today, the young sailor’s dream is known as ABC Global Shipping Company. Indeed, Jacky’s vision to sail the seas has expanded to become one of the world’s leading end-to-end cargo logistics and shipping businesses. We deliver transportation solutions by coordinating the flow of products, ensuring that cargo reaches its destination safely. 


ABC Global Shipping company continues to work tirelessly to safely deliver the world’s cargo and elevate global shipping standards. We do these while keeping insight into our values: 


  • Customer-oriented
  • Connection
  • Creativity
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Kindness

The little boy who dreamt of being on the sea has finally achieved his ambition and will continue to work hard with his passionate team to bring our international shipping company to greater heights. 


Please contact ABC Global Shipping to arrange commercial freight forwarding today if you need a cost-effective, customer-oriented business-to-business shipping solution. Click here for a free quote!

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